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The Creative Process Behind Stock Photography

26 Sep

“And as you can see, all the other apples are red, but this one here is green. This, you see, represents uniqueness and originality.”
“Wow, Jaret, that’s just, like, so creative.”
“Yah, Jaret, that is, well, that’s some real out of the box thinking right there. Really innovative, you know?”
“Oh, guys, come on…I was just..”
“No, Jaret. You’re too modest. You should take credit where credit is due.”

– Conversations from Hell


Some First World Problems

26 Mar
woodcut by John Leech (1809 - 1870)

woodcut by John Leech (1809 – 1870)

While on my lunch break the other day, I saw a homeless man eating a bowl of steaming penne rigate that some nice person bought him.

My immediate reaction was, “Man, my bagel sucks. This lunch is the worst.”

And as far as contrived complaints about made-up problems go, I’m afraid this is only the tip of the ice-that-doesn’t-give-you-hepatitis-A-berg for me.

8. Stock Photography

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