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The Smelliest Man In the World

17 Sep

It’s interesting how memes reflect a fusion of various pop cultural references within a larger cultural framew…


5 Amazing Answers to Kids’ Innocent Questions

30 Aug

1. Lifestyle

Q: Why do people smoke?
A: Because cigarettes are like candy: delicious and fun.

2. Economics

Q: Why is that man sleeping on the street?
A: Because he likes sleeping on the street. If he didn’t like it, he would get a job and buy a bed. It’s his choice. Remember that. And don’t let his tears fool you.

3. Empathy

Q: Why does my mommy drink wine so much?
A: Because of you.

4. Tolerance and Acceptance

Q: My friend Timmy’s favourite colour is blue, but I like green. Which colour is best?
A: Your colour is best. In fact, don’t ever mix the colours. Keep the blues with the blues and the greens with the greens. It’s only natural.

5. Morals

Q: Will my doggy go to heaven?
A: No, dogs have puppies out of wedlock and, therefore, burn in hell for eternity along with your friend Timmy’s mother. By the way, do you have her number?

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