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Crowdsourcing Dumb: 4 Stupid Google Searches

13 Aug

I once watched a movie about the foibles of an American warship and her crew during World War Two. Early on in the film, one of the characters remarked that the warship, “… was designed by geniuses to be run by idiots.” Now I don’t know anything about the wits of WW2-era American sailors, but this sounds remarkably similar to Google. Just look at the searches below.

1. A Tenuous Grasp on Reality

What an intriguing question. Let us refine our search.






stupid Google searches

This is so dumb that it’s surreal. I imagine that if one were to hit Salvador Dali or Dr. Seuss across the head with a frying pan then force them to watch daytime TV for eight hours (lest they get the frying pan again), they would ask a question like this.

2. Celebrity Obsessions

All of the above.

And so much more.

3. Cause for Concern

stupid Google searches

I really hope it’s kids asking questions like this…or just anyone who can’t vote.

4. Prejudice

stupid google searches

No. No, they are not:

Swedish Chef Sesame Street

This guy really likes Björk.

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