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Suck a Lemon, Jerkface!

21 Aug
The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David (1793)

The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David (1793)

Jerkface posts an ad on a job board:

I am looking for someone to write five articles containing 450-500 words each on the subject of “women’s heart rate monitors”. I would like the keyword in the first sentence, middle paragraph and the beginning of the last paragraph.

I would also like for each article to be different in theme. Such as, “women’s heart rate monitors” – during exercise, sports, strapless models, watch and benefits.

I am willing to pay $8.00 per article through Paypal.

I need good quality work, grammatically correct, no spelling mistakes and sounds professional.

If interested please send me pm at bigfatdouchebag@douche.com


$8.00? For 450-500 words?! On a specialized topic? Wudalookliketoya? A dummy, dummy?


Dear fellow writers,

Please don’t accept such insultingly low rates from these exploitive jokers. An article of 450-500 words should be worth at least $100 of your time. And when you accept such low rates, you make it harder for the rest of us to charge reasonable rates. Please don’t be a scab. Thank you.

As a wise man once said, you got to fight for your right to paaaarrrtaaay.

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