Whoa! Check Out These 16 Tough Job Interview Questions

14 Mar
meeting room

1. How loyal an employee are you? Or to put it more precisely: how loyal a team member are you?

2. If you answered loyal or very loyal: To whom are you loyal? Particular team members or the group as a whole?

3. Do you think you can be disloyal to a team member while remaining loyal to the group?

4. Do you think it is important for team members to be able to relate to each other on a personal level?

5. Do you think in order to relate to one another on a personal level, relationships outside of work should be encouraged? For instance, meeting one another’s families?

6. Continuing with this example: Suppose there is a particular team member, Greg in accounts let’s call him, who had dinner at my house a couple of times. Do you think it’s odd that my wife gets cagey whenever I mention Greg?

7. And Greg: Do you think it’s curious that whenever I mention my family in passing conversation in the office, Greg, if he is in earshot, he looks away almost reflexively? You know, like with guilt?

8. You seem uncomfortable. Remember: it’s only a hypothetical.

9. I mean, I’ve never been described, at least to my knowledge, as a suspicious or jealous guy.

10. I don’t understand why you’re fidgeting. Please remain seated. There are still a few questions left.

11. And yes, of course, Cheryl and I may be a little distant from each other at the moment. But there’s something else there. Not so much a distance, but, like a wedge, you know?

12. And Greg. We used to talk all the time. Big Habs fan that guy. But now…it’s like he’s avoiding me. I don’t think I’m being paranoid here. It’s been going on for some time. What do you think?

13. Damn it man: Please remain seated. The door is locked anyway. This is between us.

14. Would you consider this loyal? Is this good for office morale? I mean, how can you run a team like this?

15. Now—and this is just hypothetical at this point—do you think you could maybe follow Greg? Just for a week or so. Just to see what he’s up to.

16. What? You’re here for the junior sales manager position? You mean you’re not the private investigator I called to come in today? Um…

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