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This Laughing Parrot

24 Jun

It knows your secrets.

All of them.

Moby Dick

16 Jun

This right here is a watertight argument against intelligent design. No compassionate, all powerful being would allow such a wretched, twisted creature to pollute the earth with its hideous countenance. If I were a bug (of the non-creep  variety, like an aphid) and had to deal with these leg-hording bastards up close, I would just give up and leave the car running in the garage. Fuck it. Goodbye, Cruel World. I would be too wearied by such utter disgust, fear and relentless nihilism at the sight of such obnoxious little reminders of a cold, indifferent universe to do anything else. But, hey! I am not an aphid. So, fuck a centipede. I squash them like it ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. Yet still, there is one rather large centipede I have seen lurking about my washroom, eluding my wrath…taunting me.

The White Centipede. Hast thou seen him?

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